People around the world use proxy services to bypass censorship, protect their privacy and increase their security. Also referred to as an ”application-level gateway”; a web proxy allows you to access websites blocked in your country or ones which gives you a reason to keep your identity hidden.


Kproxy is a web-based proxy service that is highly recommended on the web. It comes with unique features that makes it easy to use. Here are some of the main highlights of this unique web proxy service.

Browse Anonymously

Kprroxy offers extensions for both, Google Chrome and Firefox, making surfing simpler than ever. Since 2005, Kproxy has helped people surf the internet anonymously, and access censored websites with full ease.
Like other proxy servers, Kproxy acts as a gateway, intermediary computer or, in simpler terms, a middleman between your local network and the larger-scale network (i.e. the internet) from which you request a service. It hides your IP address, which basically provides you location and personal information, so no one can trace your data.

Completely Secure

Kproxy allows you to surf with complete security. You can evade hackers trying to steal your personal information such as your bank account or credit card information.

Connect to Anything

Pproxy works in a way that turns your computer into a proxy server. You can use it with any program or even Windows.

Better than a VPN

Kproxy is much better than a VPN, as it connects through a regular HTTP protocol. Therefore, it works with websites such as Google mail and facebook. This feature is not available in most other free proxy services.

Fast and Easy Set-up

The set-up is simpler than you can imagine. All you have to do is install the extension, pick a remote server and click Connect’. If you are using the free version, you can choose from several options in Munich and Montreal.

Portable Browser

What is really nice about it is that it comes with a portable browser configured with Kproxy extension. Even if you do not have Chrome or Firefox installed, you can simply download the Kproxy browser, unzip and surf.

Free Option

Kproxy has a completely free version. It requires no credit card or registration to use. It also comes with no ads.
Like all free services, the no-pay option comes with limitations. You can surf only up to three continuous hours, or until you have used 300MB data. After you reach the limit you have to wait for at least 30 minutes to reconnect and surf freely.

Kproxy Pro

It also offers a paid-for version called Kproxy Pro. This option gives you access to premium servers that are difficult to ban. It also gives you faster surfing as the servers will never be overloaded. Obviously, you have unlimited usage under Kproxy Pro so you can surf for as long as you want.


Over 1,500,000 people use Kproxy according to their website. Kproxy generally receives very good reviews on web. Users report that is “excellent”, “safe to browse”, “works 100%” of time, and cuts through censored websites “like wet paper”. Some also report is the only add-on able to cut through a corporate firewall. Users find this proxy service too good for such a free plan. If you are a registered user, you get an even better service with no overloaded servers.

Zalmos Proxy Service

How Does The Zalmos Proxy Service Work?

You can get onto the hiload servers from Zalmos when you
come to the site, and you will find a very important way for you to avoid
censors who want to block you from using sites like Facebook. You want to have information from all around
the world, and you simply cannot get that information if you are stuck behind a
firewall that you cannot breach. The only way to get around it is by using
Zalmos, and this article will give you an idea of how it happens.

What Is A Proxy Service?

A proxy service is nothing more than a server that will get
you around the censorship that is happening through your ISP or in your
country. You will use the service to go
through another kind of server called a hiload server, and it will reroute you
to where you want to go. You have to be
sure that you have one of these bookmarked on your computer so that you can use
it anything you cannot get onto a site you would otherwise have used.

How Do You Use Zalmos?

You will go to the website, and you will see that you have
all the tools you need right in front of you.
The bar for your web address is there, and you can change your location
to ensure that you are not giving away too much information when you are
surfing on the web. You will enter the
address you need, and you will be sent to the site safely. You cannot be tracked because all the traffic
goes through the web servers that are used by Zalmos, and you will start to
notice that you can use this page any time you think you need to hide when
going to a site. This is all for your
own safety.

Who Needs This?

Everyone who lives in a country or place where the Internet
is blocked should be sure to see what can be done to get around all those
restrictions that they see. They need to
be sure that they have chosen to use this service to help them get to the
information they need, or they can use it to go to messaging sites that could
be read by people who are watching.
Censors know that they can watch people online, but they cannot track
anyone who is on the Zalmos servers. The
hiload servers are safe, and they provide a great online experience because the
speeds are faster than any other service of its kind.


You should go to the website for Zalmos today, and you will
have a chance to go to any web page you want without being noticed at all. You can use misdirection to confuse hackers,
and you will have a chance to do anything you want online without fear that
someone will know what it is. This is
the only safe way to use the Internet, and it could be the only chance you have
of getting information vital to your livelihood.

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